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Welcome to Ren&Rey. We build digital experiences for humans, meaning that we take a client-first approach to any digital campaign. We speak your language.

Ren&Rey – Digital Agency Sydney - Web Design Sydney

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Why Ren&Rey

Rather than providing a menu of our services, we work with our clients to gather their objectives and liaise with end-users to understand their pain points from the customers' perspective. The end result is a functional product that answers our clients' needs and addresses customers' problems.


We give expert opinion and formulate digital solutions in response to your real-life problems. Taking a 'human first' approach, our main objective is to ensure your consumers will want to use the product.

Small and nimble

We are not bogged down with the complexities that typically burden most large agencies. We are flexible and work closely with our clients to achieve wonderful things.

Cutting edge

The world is full of smart and talented people who make awesome digital stuff. We love trying these new frameworks/code/things to help enrich the delivery of our solution.


We live and breathe digital. We worship good UX. We truly love our stuff and it shows.


Ask us any question, and we'll always answer truthfully. We are transparent about our processes and cost. When you sign up with Ren&Rey, what you see is what you get.

Learn from Mistakes

We are not perfect, but we always strive to be. With each project that we complete, we take time to self-evaluate in order to understand our weaknesses and move forward knowing one more thing that we didn't previously.

Client success

We measure our success upon our clients'. We want to build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Digital services

We don't offer a set menu for you to choose from. We formulate and propose our solutions after carefully considering your specific problem and perform an information-gathering exercise with potential end-users to understand their typical pain points associated with your industry/product.

We do this to ensure the relevance of the final product.

Bottom line: we create digital stuff that people will actually want to use.

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Human-centered design

We consider your requirements as well as your potential customers' in order to formulate a viable solution and deliver a successful product into the market.


With a wealth of experience in the field of e-commerce, we can help you set up and manage your own online shop, from start to finish. Our expertise in this field means that you will never be in the dark throughout the entire process.

Mobile-first website development

At the heart of our solution is usually a beautiful and functional website. UX (User Experience) is paramount towards ensuring that the final product delivers against your requirements, as well as the end-users'.

Conversion optimisation

We perform experience targeting exercises and A/B tests in order to optimise your conversion rate. After all, what good is a digital asset if it doesn't make you money?

Digital marketing & SEO

We perform SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) analysis and provide recommendations to improve your website/digital asset. We also run periodic ROI (Return on Investment) studies on ongoing marketing campaigns to ensure you are getting the best bang for your marketing buck.

Digital as a service

Need a digital team? We can help set one up for you. We can go into a DAS (Digital as a Service) agreement with clients to undertake a little/some/all of their digital work at a reduced hourly rate.


The nature of our business allows us to really get to know our clients and their requirements. While no two projects are every identically the same, these are the steps that we like to take from start to completion:

1. Define Key Business Requirements

We work with you to define Key Business Requirements and set project Key Performance Indicators that we work towards and measure against upon completion.

2. Research

We learn and understand your users' problems in terms of how they relate to a business in your industry. This is typically done via collecting consumer intelligence as well as through some user workshops and interviews.

3. Solution Design

We propose solutions that satisfy both your potential clients' pain points and fulfils the project KPIs.

4. Visual Design

We help designing an interface to the agreed digital solution.

5. Develop/build

We build, you review, we revise, until the project is completed and delivered.

6. Deliver and Measure

The project goes live. Post launch, we continuously monitor and measure the success of the project against the KPIs set at the beginning by examining sophisticated analytics and user data.

7. Optimise Conversions

Through our optimisation activities, we improve overall conversion and UX (user experience).

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